Deana Khoshaba. American. Chicago. b. 1967.

Deana Khoshaba is a studio artist from Chicago, where she studied with Rebecca George. Prior to pursuing a career in art, Deana earned a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and worked as a pediatric diagnostic specialist and special education consultant for 20 years. She moved from Chicago to Las Vegas in 2015, to be nearby family.

Deana has participated in solo and group shows in Las Vegas, Orange County, and NYC. She has been featured in the international travel magazine Conde Naste, and in several other publications.

In 2018, Deana signed with Gallery 104 New York. Online, Deana’s work is featured on and Her large and medium sized abstract expressionist works are created with archival quality materials and surfaces she prepares herself. She paints on heavy-weight canvas, wood, rice paper, and durable printmaking papers, using oil, enamel, acrylic, Sumi ink, and Chinese water paint. Deana also utilizes fabric, decorative papers, and found objects to create unique and interesting mixed media pieces. Combinations of charcoal, Conte’, oil pastels, and a wide variety of medium and solvents create the texture, luminosity, and visually stimulating marks, lines, and organic forms that are characteristic of her work.

Deana’s work can be purchased through the aforementioned online galleries or you may contact her directly by telephone or email. Visits to Modern Art Concepts, the artist’s working studio and showroom, are available by appointment.

Deana Khoshaba