Deana Khoshaba. American. Chicago. b. 1967

Deana Khoshaba is an intuitive and physical painter, who sculpts paintings into existence. Khoshaba’s approach varies from visceral and action-oriented to meditative and cerebral, often within the same painting.

In her early life, Khoshaba studied music, managed a garage band, worked as a hair stylist, and earned her doctorate in clinical psychology. A critical turning point came in Khoshaba's thirties, when she experienced a series of life altering events that resulted in a spiritual renewal. These experiences led her, a decade later, to return to the arts full-time. “It was more a spiritual imperative than a choice. I needed to paint. After many years of working in the medical field, I surrendered to my calling as an artist and delved headfirst into painting. I have been painting full-time ever since, and I continue to study with my mentor, Rebecca George, when possible. .”

Khoshaba loves music, with an eclectic mix of tunes always playing in her studio. She paints with deep emotion and gives thanks before starting a session, though once at the palette, she is a scientist mixing luscious oil paint, grinding powdered pigments, and exploring mediums that permit her to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in a painting. “When you know the rules, but are willing to take risks, you can move beyond formulaic practices to create interesting effects, and intoxicating vibrancy and luminosity in a painting. Color is my subject matter. There is so much beauty to be discovered in its limitless possibilities and ability to convey emotion.”

Deana Khoshaba