Deana Khoshaba. American. Chicago. b. 1967

Deana Khoshaba is an intuitive and physical painter. Khoshaba’s approach varies from visceral and action-oriented to meditative and cerebral.

In her early life, Khoshaba studied music, managed a garage band, worked as a hair stylist, and earned her doctorate in clinical psychology. A turning point came in Khoshaba's thirties, when she experienced a series of life altering events that resulted in a spiritual renewal. These experiences led her, a decade later, to return to the arts full-time. “It was more a spiritual and creative imperative than a choice. I needed to paint. After many years of working in the medical field, I embraced my calling and delved headfirst into painting. I have been painting full-time ever since.

Khoshaba loves music, with an eclectic mix of tunes always playing in her studio. She paints with emotion and gives thanks before starting a session. At the palette, she resembles a scientist mixing luscious oil paint, grinding powdered pigments, and exploring mediums that permit her to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in a painting. “When you know the rules, but are willing to take risks, you can move beyond formulaic practices to create interesting effects, and intoxicating vibrancy and luminosity in a painting. Color is my subject matter. There is so much beauty to be discovered in its limitless possibilities and ability to evoke emotion.”

Deana Khoshaba