Deana Khoshaba. American. Chicago. b. 1967

Deana Khoshaba is an abstract expressionist painter with a doctoral degree in clinical child psychology. Dr. Khoshaba’s approach to painting is action-oriented and intuitive. Her technique is informed by her background in child psychology and private study with professional artist, Rebecca George, founder of the Art House and professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

When beginning a painting, Deana explains, “ I seek only to express and evoke emotion.” Deana comes across as serious and intense, though, in speaking with her, a gentle soul with a strong need for freedom of expression shines through. Deana’s striving for authentic expression is apparent in a body of work that is uncontrived and diverse. Through scale, color, texture, and the use of various medium and application techniques, Deana's paintings draw viewers into a beautiful and intriguing landscape of emotion.

Deana has an active spiritual life that figures prominently in her painting practice. This, says Deana, keeps her centered and focused on gratitude to her Heavenly Father, for the gift of painting.

Nearly every day, Deana can be found painting at her Las Vegas studio located in the Arts Factory, home to a diverse group of artists working in the 18b Arts District.

Deana Khoshaba